Best 10+ WordPress Widgets For The Bloggers Who Love Their Blogroll

We have already discussed how you can display WordPress blogroll links and categories inside posts or on particular pages. In this tutorial we are posting a list of some free widget plugins you can use for customizing default WordPress blogroll links widget.


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  • RSS Blogroll: RSS Blogroll is a simple sidebar widget for linking recent entries from RSS/Atom feeds.
  • PictureBook: Using Picture Book plugin you can display your blogroll links with both text and images.
  • Spicy Blogroll: Spice up default Blogroll by displaying Ajax popup with post excerpts for each link present in your Blogroll. This plugin is highly customizable from the settings page.
  • Blogroll Pager: Nice widget for those who add many links in their blogroll. This plugin adds a blogroll widget with next & previous Ajax controls for loading new links.
  • Better Blogroll: Better Blogroll displays random links from your WordPress blogroll. You can chage the default number of links to show at one time.
  • Extended Blogroll: Displays blogroll links using RSS Feeds via customizable widget. Also provides you a shortcode that displays blogroll inside posts and pages.
  • WP Social Blogroll: WP Social Blogroll adds a social blogroll for following and displaying  all updates from the websites listed in your blogroll.
  • Featured Link Image: A very nice plugin solves the common problem of adding thumbnails to blogroll links. It simply add a meta box in Add New/ Edit links page for uploading images. Thumbnails are also displayed in all Links’s list on dashboard.
  • WP Latest Post Blogroll: It fetches and displays titles and links of most recent posts of your favorite blog list present in your blogroll.
  • Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds: Using this plugin you can easily displays recent posts of your blogroll links via RSS Feeds in sidebar using a customizable widget.
  • FAVIROLL – FAVIcons For blogROLL: It converts Favicons to PNG files from all of bookmarked sites present in your blogroll and keeps them, then blogroll uses the local cached PNG files as link icons. See its screenshots here and know how it works.

Following some more WordPress blogroll widgets that hasn’t been updated by their developers from over two years but still works, use them if you like because they might create conflicts with future updates of WordPress:

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  • Advanced Blogroll– Advanced Blogroll Widget is used for displaying customized bookmarks in your blogroll. It adds a widget that provides you high blogroll customization options. You can change link relation, image dimension, category, order, display type etc with this plugin.
  • Nofollow Blogroll SEO– Using this plugin you can add rel=”nofollow” attribute for non-homepage links present in your blogroll.
  • Google Reader Blogroll Widget– WordPress Widget(s) for listing your Google Reader subscriptions as blogroll widget.

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