How Display Widgets In Two Or More Columns In A WordPress Sidebar?

A single sidebar or footer can easily be divided into multiple columns and multiple widgets can be added there. For example: Suppose you want to display a recent posts widget next to ad text widget in your website’s sidebar.

Widgets in Columns is simple yet powerful plugin that allows you to split widgets in to multiple columns.

How To Use Widgets in Columns Plugin?

Install and activate it in your website. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets page and you will be noticing a new widget’s width dropdown under each and every widget added in your sidebar.

Display Widgets In Colmuns

Likewise in this example we are using recent posts widget and ad text widget side by side. So we have selected 1/2 width option for the two widgets (as shown in the given screenshot).

Display Widgets In Colmuns 2

You can can use widgets in any number of columns, it entirely depends on the width of your sidebar. For left/right sidebars, two widgets columns are fine whereas in footer and other wider widget areas you can add more widget columns.

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