Beautifully Coded Responsive Pop Over Plugin For WordPress

WordPress PopUp is a responsive, customizable and beautifully coded pop-up plugin that works both for single and multisite installations.

It brings an effective advertising style on your website, you can introduce mailing lists, exclusive offers and other advertisements in a polished pop-up ad to your registered client and/or visitors.

Start by installing and activating it on your WordPress site, upon activation visit your admin area dashboard PopUp -> Settings page and select your options.

For adding a new popup: Visit your admin area dashboard PopUp -> Add New and create your new popup:

Popup 1

Give your popup a title. Headings, sub headings and featured image are optional, Add main popup content using Visual/HTML editor and you may also enable  a custom call to action button.

Popup 12

You can customize appearance and behavior of your popup.

Popup 13

Finally, in the last step you can set display options like you can show popup to logged in or logged out users conditionally, you can show it only to visitors coming from search engine results page or from a specific referer, you can show it only on mobile devices or make it visible only on large screens and there are many other conditional options you can select from.

Popup 14

When you are done with options, preview the popup to see how it looks like beforehand.

It also provides you a duplicate button, you can create multiple popups and show them on different sections on your website. All popups can be accessed and managed from your admin area dashboard PopUp-> PopUps (Main Page).

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