Automatically Tweet When Your WordPress Post Is Updated

Automatically post a Twitter update (Tweet) whenever your WordPress blog posts are updated or published.

WP to Twitter is a popular WordPress plugin used for posting Tweets from your WordPress website. Using this plugin you can Tweet about updated blog posts but that’s not everything, the plugin provides you various other functionalities such as:

  • Allows you to display your recent Tweets: Widget for your recent Tweets. Fetch Tweets from your own or any other account.
  • Allows you to display Tweets based on a search: Display the Tweets resulting from a search and limit by Geolocation.
  • Automatically shorten URLs inside your Tweets with popular URL shortener services, or let Twitter to do it with its

The plugin is free to use but also provides you a pro version to schedule your Tweets, set up automatic reposts, upload images and more.

Free version of WP to Twitter plugin includes:

  • Use post tags as Twitter hashtags
  • Use alternate URLs in place of post permalinks
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Support for XMLRPC remote clients
  • Select from YOURLS,,, jotURL, or as external URL shorteners.
  • Rate limiting: make sure you don’t exceed Twitter’s API rate limits.

How To Use ‘WP To Twitter’?

Start by installing WP to Twitter plugin in your WordPress website. Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> WP to Twitter page and register your website’s application on Twitter’s application registration page.

Now click ‘Basic Settings‘ tab and choose update when a post is published and edited. It allows you to set these options for other custom post types on your website such as pages, links etc.

Other tabs include ‘URL Shortner‘ and ‘Advanced Settings‘ where you can include hashtags for your Tweets, you can use tag slug as hashtag value and there are various other options.

Working With ‘WP to Twitter’

Visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page or open any old post to edit.

Auto Tweeting: You will notice a new metabox with title ‘WP to Twitter’. Using this metabox you can customize your post’s Tweet, stop automatic Tweet on that specific post etc.

Widgets: From Appearance -> Widgets page you can display your latest Tweets and display a list of tweets returned by a search.

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