Easily Know Whether The Website Is Safe For Browsing Or Not

Browser safety by Avira not only protects you from malware websites but also keeps your browsing data private. 

It warns you for malware websites before you actually visits them. It also works on search results page, it tells you the site contains malware before you click and visit the website from SERP.

Other than this it also blocks online tracking scripts to keep your browsing data private.

Start by adding Avira Browser Safety app in Google Chrome

As soon the extension is added, it adds it icon on the top right corner of Chrome.

Avira Browser Safety 1

Clicking this icon on any webpage tells you whether the website is safe for browsing and how many trackers website has (you can allow or block specific trackers by choice).

Avira Browser Safety 2

On search results page, the website shows icons before each and every search result on the page. Green icon means the website is safe to visit.

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