Open, Copy Or Bookmark Multiple Links At The Same Time In Chromebook

Sometime back we have discussed about Copy All Urls app that lets you copy all opened tab URLs to clipboard. Linkclump is another good plugin that provides you more powerful features and options. 

Using Linkclump in your Google Chrome browser you can open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.

That’s how you can select links: 

(On a website)

Linkclump 1

(On Google search results page)

Linkclump 2

You can setup multiple actions like:

  1. Select links to open in new tabs,
  2. Select links to open in a new window
  3. Copy multiple links to clipboard
  4. Save multiple links in your bookmarks

And there are more options like its ‘Smart Select’ feature tries to select only the important links on the webpage. You can turn off this option to open all selected links.

You can include and exclude links that contain certain words, set a delay interval between the opening and closing of each tab.

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