Automatically Move Big Email Attachments To Your Google Drive

Archiver for Gmail is a script for Google Chrome. It seamlessly analyze your Gmail inbox and moves all of the big attachments to your Google drive, you can do it in one click. It also provides you background features for automatically copying email attachments to Google Drive.

Script is easy to use. Simply install its extension (Archiver for Gmail) in your Chrome then follow the steps:

  1. Visit your Chrome Apps page and launch Archiver for Gmail
  2. First it will ask for authorization, complete app authorization by following on screen steps
  3. After completing authorization you will be seeing this scripts main page, simply click the ‘Start‘ button to begin the process.

Now it will automatically copy all your big email attachments (1 MB or bigger) to Google Drive and label your incoming emails based on the attachment size.

The script also saves a HTML copy of the whole email thread and makes you free to delete each email containing big attachments (this can be even done automatically). All messages containing relevant attachments will be labelled, so that you can index your inbox even better.

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