Block Adblock Users From Accessing Your WordPress Site

AdBlock is a browser addon used to keep Internet surfing fast, saving bandwidth and data. It blocks undesirable website elements like advertisements to appear on client’s web pages and hence, it affects your AdSense and other advertising income.

AdBlock users simply lands on your website, find information they are looking for and leave without benefiting you back. Now it is easy to block such users from browsing your website content. 

Earlier we have discussed how you can show a notification to AdBlock users and request them to stop using it on your website. We have also discussed about showing alternative ads on detected AdBlock app browser.

Now in this lesson you will learn how to simply keep them away from your website until and unless they disable AdBlock application.

Anti Adblock is the new WordPress plugin that can block adblock installed users from accessing the website and can also display alternative ads served from the same domain.

Start by installing ‘Anti Adblock’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Anti Adblock page and tick to disable your website for AdBlock app users.

Anti Adblock

Or if you want, you may show alternative ads to AdBlock users. The option allows you to paste alternative ad code and use custom CSS. When you are done with options, save your changes and that’s it.

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