WordPress Mobile Optimized Call Now Button For Visitors Accessing Your Site Via Mobile

Easily place a Call Now button at the right bottom corner of your WordPress site, the button is only visible to those visitors who are using any mobile phone device for accessing your WordPress site. As they already hold a call making machine so they can just click the Call Now button and contact you direct on your or some other mobile phone.

Call Now Button For WordPress 1

Call Now Button is a free WordPress plugin developed by Jgrietveld. It simply allows you to place a mobile optimized Call Now button in your WordPress site.

Call Now Button For WordPress 2


  1. Install and activate it
  2. Visit its settings page and tick Call now button enabled
  3. Enter the phone number on which you like to receive calls from your site visitors.
  4. Click Save Changes button. That’s all.

On step3 while adding a phone number, if you like you can add your country code also. Similarly its up to you that you use + or 00 before the number as both works with mobiles.

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