Access Remote Linux, Windows & Mac Machines Right From Your Chromebook

Chrome OS doesn’t allows you to run any Linux, Windows & MAC programs on your Chromebook machine provides you the power to access your Linux, Windows or Mac desktops remotely. Google Chrome Web Store offers VNC clients the connection to traditional VNC servers. Now Google Chrome has remote desktop features which you may use for accessing your desktop PC right from your Chromebook or to remotely run that rare Windows. application.

Start by installing Chrome Remote Desktop App in Chrome on your PC. It is a large extension or you can say heavy extension in comparison with other Chrome apps, but don’t worry as it installs quickly. Upon installation it adds remote access tool like other installed apps, click ‘New Tab’ and you will be seeing it with other installed apps list.

Now activate “Enable remote connections” option and can connect to your PC from Chromebook using Chrome Remote Desktop app there in your Chromebook machine.

This is not just limited to Google Chromebook but also you can use Google Chrome for remotely accessing other OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs etc.

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