New Twitter Bootstrap TinyMCE Elements For Your WordPress Site

Bootstrap MCE Elements is the brand new Twitter Bootstrap plugin which enables a button inside your visual editor present in content add new & edit pages. The button allows you to insert pre-built Bootstrap compatible code inside your content. Using this new plugin you can easily add Buttons, Wells, Labels & Badges of various sizes and styles into your WordPress blog posts and pages. It also provides you option you to include default Bootstrap CSS for these objects.

Bootstrap Elements

Install and activate Bootstrap MCE Elements plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Bootstrap MCE page and here you can enable few Tiny MCE settings if you wish:

  1. You can include Default Bootstrap CSS in WordPress Editor
  2. You can include Default Bootstrap CSS in Frontend Template

The plugin adds a button in WordPress visual editor and you can easily insert the elements while writing any blog post or page. It also shows you a live preview of element you are inserting inside you content.

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