BuddyPress Blog Avatar: Enable Site Admins To Upload Avatars For Their Blogs

BuddyPress site owners now can easily enables their site admins site to upload and use custom avatars for their blogs. BuddyPress Blog Avatar is the new BuddyPress plugin by BuddyDev developers. The plugin simply activates a new admin section feature where site admins can upload blog avatar using backend settings options.

bp-blog-avatar screenshot 1

This shows blog avatar upload screen screenshot-1.png

bp-blog-avatar screenshot 2

This shows crop blog avatar screen screenshot-2.png

bp-blog-avatar screenshot 3

This shows success message screenshot-3.png

bp-blog-avatar screenshot 4

This show frontend upload blog avatars screenshot-4.png

Install and activate the BuddyPress Blog Avatar plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Blog Avatar page and upload blog avatar, crop it and save the changes.

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