Top 5 Currency Converter Plugins For WordPress

When you start doing business online through you website, you have to deal with different countries. Specially while doing business online many a times your product’s cost confuses your customers. Every country has its own currency and not all people are familiar with online currency convertors and they also increases unnecessary steps.

Likewise now also provides its customers with currency converter, we have already discussed about its working here. We have also posed a tutorial on adding a simple currency converter in WordPress.

Now today we are listing some of the good plugins specially designed for adding currency conversion features in WordPress installations.

[heading]Currency Converter[/heading]

Currency Converter for any currency in the world. Allows selection of colors, size, layout, default currencies and values.

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[heading]Exchange Rate Table[/heading]

Exchange Rate Table for any currency in the world. Choose the currency to display, header colors and the table size and format.

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[heading]WP Currency Converter[/heading]

An ajax currency conversion widget to let your visitors convert currency amounts on the fly (powered by Google Finance).


Determines the reader’s country via IP address and shows currency values in their local currency (in brackets after the original value).

[heading]Euro FxRef Currency Converter[/heading]

Adds the [currency] and [currency_legal] shortcodes to convert currencies based on the ECB reference exchange rates.

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