What WordPress Should Do Next To Overcome Security Flaws?

WordPress is the most popular website designing and publishing platform written in PHP. It is becoming better from update to upgrade but there are some very important functions; Automattic (the company behind WordPress) must work out and provide its users in future updates.

Like all other online applications WordPress is also not 100% secure, it can easily be hacked if the user has not implemented any security functions on his website.

There are plugins, apps and online tools that enables you to increase the security of your WordPress site but they are packed with useless and heavy code causing unnecessary load on the resources of your website.

Don’t you think some important security features should be included in WordPress core to make it easier for netizens to secure their websites and save themselves from online threats.

What Happens When A WordPress Website Is Hacked?

The most common threat happen to any WordPress website is malware injection and phishing problem. A hacker simply injects the malware code in WordPress theme, plugin, core file or uploads his malware file in your website’s directory.

In such cases, all you have to do is scan your entire WordPress website, check each and every file of your WordPress site for any injected malware code and then make sure there is no foreign script present in your website installation.

Thanks to Wordfence and other security plugins that allows you to check your core, themes and plugins and compare them with their original versions hosted at WordPress.org.

These problems can easily be minimized and a hacked WordPress website can be reset if WordPress adds a few more easy features in its core functionality. Or they can pack these features as separate modules in their Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin, just like they added new Brute Force attack module.

What New Features WordPress Should Start Working On?

WordPress already provides you reinstall feature which can be accessed from your admin area Dashboard -> Updates page. It also allows you to update core, themes and plugins when their new versions are available at WordPress.org.

Now to make WordPress installation secure, WordPress should implement theme and plugin re-installation features too and that must work for re-installing themes & plugins both individually and in-bulk.

  1. WordPress should provide theme re-installer
  2. WordPress should provide plugin re-installer
  3. WordPress should provide one click reset button to reinstall core, all themes and plugins
  4. WordPress should provide tracking graph showing what code and files are edited and what unwanted files are present on the website directory.
  5. WordPress should provide restore for changed files and newly added code in them.

It would be great if it adds a complete WordPress re-installer to install whole WordPress core, all themes and plugins in one click.

This is an easy thing to do but this will enable all WordPress (newbies and experts) users to overcome any online threat within no time.

Likewise most hacked WordPress websites doesn’t show up any errors and they keep working normally especially in-case of phishing and malware injections etc. The reason is that hackers want to host their content secretly on your website.

But that doesn’t mean everything is right, performance of hacked websites results on search engine results pages, it affects your online ranking, your website may get blacklisted by popular search engines and advertising agencies etc, the list goes on.

Hence, implementing these easy update and re-installation features would make things easier for all WordPress users, they would be able to easily free their websites from many types of hacks without the need of hiring any expert or building any technical skills.

How To Implement These Security Features Right Now On Your WordPress Website?

The features are already been designed (not exactly in the way we are suggesting but you can make use of them) by various WordPress developers in the form of plugins. Sometime back we have discussed how you can keep track of your WordPress site files and keep your website secured. Read this lesson.

How This all Works?

In simple words when you restore all files, code and delete all files which are not provided by WordPress core, themes and plugins, then all injections and malware code is automatically gets washed away from your website as all hacking stuff is unwanted code and script injected secretly on your website.

What Next You Should Do?

To keep yourself informed about security of your website and to scan your website on regular basis, you must subscribe SiteLock from SANGKRIT.net as it secures your website from top 10 internet threats.

Selecting a reliable website hosting and adding SSL certificate is also an important thing to do. And now, as said by Google; SSL is not just security but an official ranking factor too.

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