Hide The Fact That You Use WordPress On Your Websites

Anyone can easily detect if a website runs over WordPress. There are many ways to detect a WordPress installation such as view source and WP Theme Detector that allows anyone to detect a WordPress site and displays whole lot of information the theme and plugins being used.

In this lesson you will learn about a trick to hide the fact that you are running your WordPress site over WordPress. You can hide this not only from your users, visitors but also from bots and even WP Theme Detector won’t be able to recognize the use WordPress on your website instead it will say that your website does not seem to be using WordPress.

As said by many security plugin developers, the main advantage getting for malware and hackers is that they have full idea about the structure of WordPress, its themes and plugins.

Based on such concepts developers have designed a plugin called WP Hide that simply hides the fact that you are using WordPress for website development.

All you got to do is install and activate the plugin. Upon activation the plugin changes all your site related path and details from source so that no programs can get any hint that the website is developed using WordPress.

To Assign Your Own URL Paths

Another plugin WP Hide & Security Enhancer also provides you an easy way to remove WordPress fingerprints by cleaning up HTML output.

The difference is this plugin allows you to customize options and add your own unique paths (for plugins, theme and uploads etc) to fake on the source code of your website.

It completely hides your WordPress core files paths from the frontend of your website.

Konstantin Kovshenin, a WordPress developer, who works with the finest WordPress folks at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com says that hiding the fact that you use WordPress is pretty useless because there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to not only find out the fact that you’re using WordPress, but also find out the exact version number, regardless of any plugins or hacks changing or hiding the “generator” meta tag, the read me file and so on.


Well this is another fact but still you can use the plugin on your websites, if not for security reasons then may be for personal or business reasons etc.

And to increase the security of your website you should go after a bullet proof solution such as SiteLock Website Security. Plugins such as Google Authenticator and Limit Login Attempts can also give you that little extra protection.

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  1. I understand why would someone want to hide fact they are using WordPress from security aspect.

    But you can’t hide that fact fully. Taking security measures and having decent security plugin installed should cover basic security protection.

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