Manage All Website Files & Directories From WordPress Admin Area

Just like you do via FTP or cPanel File Manager, now you can manage all your WordPress installation files with ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy-paste files and folders with new WP File Manager that works from your admin area dashboard.

This means you can edit all themes, plugins and even the core files right from your dashbard with new WordPress plugin called File Manager. The plugin works out of box and provides you abiliy to do everything which you usually do from your hosting account or FTP and this all happends in a click of a button. Yes, there are no configuration settings to make, simply activate the plugin and you are ready to go.

The plugin is not just limited to edit, upload, download and copy-paste stuff but it also provides you ability to archive any files and folders as ZIP then download them to your local drive.

Start by installing and activating File Manager plugin. Upon activation, the plugin adds a new menu ‘WP File Manager’ on your admin area dashboard. Just click it and it will show you the file manager listing your website files with all useful buttons and options a good file manager should have.

Although it makes things very easy for you but this might lessen up the security of your website. As after installing this plugin everything, all files, even the configuration file becomes editable and this could result in some security issues. So it is better to first make sure your website is secure, you are using something like SiteLock Website Security with some plugin to limit the login attempts etc.

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