Boost Your WordPress Login Page Security With Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Auth is the new and really powerful feature that increases your WordPress login page security against Password Theft and Brute Force Attacks. The plugin adds extra security measure with two step authentication that prompts your website users to enter a code emailed to their associated email inbox after they fill up their login credentials and attempt to login to your WordPress site.

Two Step Login

Simply install and activate Two Factor Auth. The plugin immediately starts its works after activation. Following are the steps of its working:

  1. User attempts to login by entering his username and password in your WordPress site.
  2. He gets redirected to a page asking him to enter the code emailed to his email account.
  3. He visits his email inbox -> opens up the new email -> copy the code and Enters it in the form and clicks Submit button.

That’s all. Now even the person who know the password would not be able to login to your website if he doesn’t have access to associated email account.

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