Watch All YouTube Music Videos Of Your Favorite Artists In A Click is free web service that allows you to watch all videos of your favorite artist or band in one easy click. It provides you two search options: Only & Similar. Clicking ‘Similar’ displays a right sidebar showing you similar artists you are searching for. It shows you a list of artists and bands commonly searched alongside and commonly listened to before and after the selected artist.

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The application does a YouTube search and rolled up all videos into one list so that you can watch them without any hassle and interruptions. What all you have to do is type in the name of your favorite artist and click search.

Chrome muic player co 1

This shows you a list of all the stream songs of the artist your have searched for and they all auto plays on a built-in player through the playlist. Songs in this auto generated playlist are displayed in the order of  their popularity, by number of hits, and it does everything to remove duplicates and other garbage links.

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