Easily Insert Creative Commons Images From Flickr To WordPress

Flickr Pick a Picture is a WordPress plugin that lets you grab free Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr into your WordPress site. It provides you various good options like you can choose an image size auto include license link in the caption area and more. You can use the images from Flickr anywhere in your site.

The plugin gives you a number of nice options, such as choosing an image size, choosing the license type, deciding how to search for images etc, you can automatically include a license link in the caption area and more like:

  1. Preview image results.
  2. Define order of the search results.
  3. You can search photos from Flickr with creative commons license by tag .
  4. Automatically add image caption that links back to the original Flickr owner.
  5. Lets you use the standard features provided by WordPress for image editing: Image alignment, Cropping, Rotating, Flipping, Re-sizing.

To start using it in your WordPress site, first install and activate Flickr Pick a Picture plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Flickr Pick a Picture screen and set your options. You can select licenses types to include, default image size, enable auto insertion of license as image caption and more.

When you’re done with its options, save your settings and visit Posts -> Add New screen.

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You will be noticing a new photo icon added next to ‘Add Media’ button, clicking this new button displays a popup thickbox from where you can search and insert images from flicker to your WordPress site.

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