How To Add A Currency Converter In Your WordPress Site ?

While doing business online sometimes your product’s cost confuses your visitors as they might be not familiar with your currency and using other online utilities for currency conversion increases unnecessary steps. You can make this thing easy for your visitors by allowing them to convert currency quickly and easily direct from your WordPress based website.

Currencyr is a free, simple yet advanced, intuitive, easy-to-use and complete currency converter with a beautiful unique converter tooltip. Install and activate it, you will find its Currencyr page is added in your dashboard’s sidebar. Visit ist option page and make your customizations, its easy, all you need to put is your base currency that you might be using for selling your products etc, add your provider, open exchange rates, update rates and also some other common options like thousands separator, decimal separator, decimal points etc.

After selecting your options from the settings page its time to add this currency converter to your website so that your visitors can start using it.

Using Widget: Visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and drag Currencyr widget to your sidebar. Ths widget lets you add title, currency list and check boxes for showing rates and converter.

Using Shortcode: It also provides you with shortcode you can use for displaying currency converter inside your posts or pages. Use  [currencyr] shortcode using the following format:

[currencyr amount=$amount <from=$code> to=$code<|$code>]


  • amount – is the number that you want to convert.
  • to – is the currency code. Use “|” as separator for multiple conversion.
  • from (optional) is the currency code. If omitted the Base Currency from setting will be use.

Using PHP Function Call: You can also use its function call and display it by digging your WordPress theme. Use the following code, (now you know what amountto and from stands for):

<?php echo currencyr_exchange( ‘amount=99.99&to=cad’); ?>

For more information on its shortcode usage and function call visit the plugin’s page here.

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