Adaptive Image Optimization For Responsive WordPress Sites

Image optimization becomes very important for responsive WordPress site because your website is being viewed on smaller, slower, low bandwidth devices then all desktop-centric images loads very slowly, cause UI lag, and hence cost you and your visitors unnecessary bandwidth and money. This tutorial is on adaptive images plugin that fixes this thing.

You can enable your WordPress site to automatically serve different image files of different sizes based on screen of the device. New Nine Adaptive Images is free WordPress plugin by New Nine Media & Advertising based on the work done by Matt Wilcox that automatically detects screen size of visitor’s screen and then automatically creates, caches and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of your uploaded images.

The plugin works on your existing website, it requires no mark-up changes, device agnostic, mobile-first philosophy, easy & powerful customizations, sets up and running in seconds.

How To Use Adaptive Images Plugin?

Install and activate New Nine Adaptive Images plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Media section. You can leave the defaults in place or customize the options to match your breakpoints, desired image quality, etc.

Now copy given .htaccess information and paste it in your site’s .htaccess file. That’s all.

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