Powerful WordPress Widget Pack For Displaying Posts, Pages & Social Feeds In A Better And Customizable Way

ThemeLoom Widgets is a new WordPress widget pack by Themeloom.Com which you can download from WordPress Plugins Repository. Currently it provides you five widgets for displaying Posts, Pages, WordPress Media Posts, Twitter Tweets and Flicker Feed. Its features of displaying posts and pages using various customizable options makes it different and better from other plugins in its category.

So what all you need to do is install and activate ThemeLoom Widgets. After activation you can start using its widgets from your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page.

Show Posts Widget: Allows you to Set number of posts to display, Show dates, Show author, Show tags, Show categories, Show post, thumbnails, post formats, Enable Sticky Posts, 

Show Pages Widget: Allows you to Set number of pages to display, Set parent page, thumbnails,Show page excerpts, 

Twitter Widget: All you to display Tweets from any Twitter account via username. You can set the number of tweets to display.

Flickr Widget: Uses Ficker User or Group ID. you can set the Source: User Group, User Tag Group Tag, Everyone Tag. You can set the number of images to show and their default size.

Show Media Posts: Allows you to show latest posts in category with audio attachments. Lets you select a category, set number of posts to show, custom more link and dates.

Powerful WordPress Widgets Pack

Shortcode Option

You can also use its shortcode for displaying posts and pages inside your content. For example:

[los_showposts post_type=”posts” columns=”3″ content=”true” heading=”true” cat_id=”” num_posts=”3″ ]

Shortcode Parameters

  • Attribute – Descriptiono Values
  • post_type – Type of query pages or posts
  • cat_id – Category ID for posts e.g. 23?
  • num_posts – Number of items to show e.g. 5?
  • columns – Number of columns to layout 1?, 2?, 3? or 4?
  • heading – Show headings true or false
  • author – Show author link true or false
  • tags – Show tags true or false
  • categories – Show categories true or false
  • thumbs – Show Post thumbnails true or false
  • dates – Show Post Dates true or false
  • content – Show post/page excerpt true or false
  • parent_id – When showing pages, show children of this parent page. e.g. 34?
  • thumbsize – Image size to use use widget or gallery
  • entrytag – Heading tag for each item e.g. h3?
  • post_formats – Show post format icons true or false
  • post_class – CSS class string to use for each item default is los-custom-post
  • show_sticky – Set to “1” to enable sticky posts function, “0” is deafult (i.e. sticky is ignored)

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