How To Create A Go To Top Button In WordPress ?

Go To Top button is used in footer or somewhere in the bottom of your website, using this button your readers can quickly move back to top of your website after scrolling down and reading a long blog post etc.

There are free plugins available that allows you to add Go To top button in WordPress, in this tutorial we are discussing how you can manually create this button by digging inside your site’s theme.

For adding a Go To Top button all you need to do is open your theme’s footer.php file and add the following code after the blog credit text or anywhere you like it you appear.

<a href=”#header”><?php _e(‘Go back to top &uarr;’, ‘top’); ?></a>

That’s all. Now by clicking this link you visitors will get automatically scrolled to the header of your website. It adds a simple Go To Top link in the footer, if you like designing beautiful Go To Top button then use this plugin.

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