5 Best AuthorBox WordPress Plugins For Displaying Author’s Bio, Custom & Social Links After Posts

Author box plugins expands user profile page by adding social media fields and makes it easier for readers to follow author on social media networks. Here is a list of top 5 WordPress plugins for displaying Author Box after posts, pages, widget areas etc wherever you like. If you only want to add a perfect cool author box after your posts then try Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup or read this tutorial for knowing about more plugins providing different types of customization.

WP Biographia

It adds a customisable user bio to the front page, single post types, archives and RSS feeds as well as via a widget in your sidebar.

Include following options:

  1. Custom avatar image size
  2. Custom border style and background colour of the Biography Box
  3. Select whether to display the Biography Box in the sidebar of your blog.
  4. Select to display the Biography Box at the top or the bottom of content (universally)
  5. Choose how much user profile information should be displayed in the Biography Box
  6. Select to hide the display of the Biography Box for pages, posts and posts/pages on a per user basis
  7. Select when to display a Biography Box; on the front page, in archives, on individual posts, pages, or any other custom post type and in RSS feeds.
It expands author’s Contact Info section on user profile by adding support for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, Flickr, Picasa, Vimeo, YouTube and Reddit profile links as well as Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Jabber/Google Talk profiles. Learn more about this plugin on this plugin’s page on WordPress

Social Author Bio

Adds an author bio box like other plugins with Gravatar and social icons on posts. But this plugin provides you more customization with author’s bio, you can add more social network profile links and more custom links. If you are active on many social networks and you like to display them on your author bio box after posts then this plugin does it better.

In-Built Social Icons includes AIM, Digg, eMail, Facebook, Google+, iCompositions, ICQ, LinkedIn, MSN, MySpace, Pinterest, Reverbnation, Skype, Soundcloud, Technorati, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube. Admins can create up to 5 custom social icons. Learn more about Admin and General User control here.have

Admins get complete control over HTML and CSS for Social Author Bio, Enable/disable built in and custom social icons site wide, enable/disable Social Author Bio display on Pages, Posts, and/or shortcode includingWhich role to start using Social Author Bio (defaults to Contributor) and What prefix to display before user’s name.

Whereas, General Users can Enable/disable Social Author Bio for their profile, select website icon (WordPress, Blogger, or website), they can Enable/disable the built in or custom social icons on their profile and may configure each social icon’s user, username, id, etc. They may use shortcode [social-bio] in pages/posts and shortcode [social-bio id=xxx] where xxx is a user id to display.

WP About Author

Easily add a customizable author bio below your posts. It works right out of the box with WordPress built in profiles.

Customization includes:

  1. Three different border styles
  2. Easily control when to display author bios
  3. Custom background color using color picker
  4. Either display text links or icons for social media profiles

Author Box After Posts

It adds an author box after posts showing author’s avatar,name,post count,site link,personal description including Email,Facebook Twitter and other popular social profiles.

  1. You can easily customize style by editing the authorboxafterposts.css file.
  2. It adds Facebook,Google and Twitter custom fields to User Profile page (URLs are nofollow)
  3. For authors with more than 100 posts it links to the author page with rel=”author”, you just need to link back to the author page on your Google Profile Page to make your authorship information to appear in search results for the content you create. Learn more

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

Gives identity to single or multi-author WordPress website using better Author Box. Makes every post stand out and attract readers’ eyes. Displays author’s bio with social networks profiles.

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