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We Are Clouds, Selling Clouds

Sangkrit.net, the global portal in the business of selling completely cloud infrastructure along with all the necessary online support & global exposure via independent outlets, is itself a completely cloud infrastructure just like that as it is often said that we are clouds, selling clouds.

This must not ever get violated; never by no one, nowhere. It is a matter of commercial essence that clouds get sold by clouds. That is why no one is permitted to open an office anywhere.

This grows peer to peer only organically without loading any debt burden upon anyone involved.

Easily Embed Office Files, PDF & More In Your WordPress Site Using Google Docs Viewer

Using Google Doc Embedder one can easily embed many file types inside WordPress pages. Easily means that you doesn’t need to suffer from the problems of file type embedding, iframe issues etc. It allows better inline viewing and download (optional) of given file types. Also it doesn’t require Flash or PDF browser plug-ins required for viewing the embedded content.

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Kubuntu Office Suites

LibreOffice is GPL-licensed free and open source office suite , with Writer, Impress, Calc spreadsheet, Base relational database frontend
Install using sudo apt-get install libreoffice-kde

Open Office was installed by default in older versions of (K)Ubuntu. It has been replaced by LibreOffice (which is similar) and is no longer available in (K)Ubuntu.

KOffice suite is part of the KDE project and provides capabilities of OpenOffice suite without the licensing restrictions of OpenOffice. It can be used in any version of (K)Ubuntu. Install using: sudo apt-get install koffice

AbiWord is a fast, collaboration-enabled word processor. For the most current version see the AbiWord web site. For install from repositories: sudo apt-get install abiword

GoldenDict is multi-lingual dictionary and translator that supports Babylon and StarDict translation dictionary files and has multiple modular plugins. Install using: sudo apt-get install goldendict

Xournal is a free (GPL-licensed) GTK/Gnome-based application for notetaking, sketching, or keeping a journal using a stylus. Install using( Remember: universe repositories must be enabled): sudo apt-get install xournal