Store Google Forms In Gmail And Easily Access Them From Your Inbox

If you are a regular user of Google Forms then email them to yourself or your users and use an email label for easy access.

From sales admin form for recording enquiries of customers or a HR form for booking annual leave, Google Form is a great way for gathering and storing information. You spend most of your time in your inbox, it would be better for you to store forms in Gmail.

  • Create Spreadsheet and form
  • Email your form:
    • From the main menu of your spreadsheet choose Form->Send Form
    • OR, From form editor select Email this Form button.
  • In either case select users to email the form to and make sure that Include form in the email is checked.
  • After user receives email they then have the form and can submit it as many times as they like – each time the email is opened it will be blank
  • For ease in access you may create a label Forms and drag it onto the email

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