Google reCaptcha For WordPress Login, Registration, Comment And Contact Forms

Earlier we have discussed about adding Google reCaptcha on BuddyPress registration forms. We have also posted a lesson on securing WordPress comment forms with reCaptcha. In this lesson we will show you how you can secure your login, registration, contact and comment forms, all with one WordPress plugin. 

Better WordPress reCAPTCHA, a WordPress plugin lets you do this easily by following a few simple steps.

The plugin provides you with a set of features:

  • You can add captcha to comment form, user registration form, site registration form and login formBetter WordPress reCAPTCHA 2
  • You can add captcha to form generated with Contact Form 7 plugin: use recaptcha orbwp-recaptcha shortcode tag
  • You can hide reCAPTCHA for qualified visitors like registered Users, authorized Users and even to visitors who have some approved comments on your website
  • You can position captcha before or after the comment field. You can integrate it with Akismet for better end-users experience, i.e. “only force a CAPTCHA when a comment looks like spam”.
  • The plugin is multi-site compatible: you can set different key pair for each site or use a single key pair for all sites. Better WordPress reCAPTCHA 1

And still there are more options.

Start by installing and activating it on your WordPress site

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard and click BWP reCAPT from the left side admin menu and enter your Google reCaptcha API keys (learn how to obtain reCaptcha API keys).

It provides you checkbox options to enable reCaptcha on login, registration and comment forms. Select your options and save changes. That’s it.

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  1. recaptcha is preventing me to reply to comments, any suggestions what I can do to stop this? I have installed akismet as well. Can I remove recaptcha at all? Thanks!

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