SpeedUp Your WordPress Plugin Installer

Earlier we have discussed about bringing back ‘Newest’ plugins tab and making it more useful by adding more plugin filters like topics collections, favorites etc.

A few days back a WordPress Hosting owner at SANGKRIT.net asked us to post tutorial for turning off plugin install confirmation pop-up on ‘Add New’ plugins page.

Today in this lesson we will show you how to disable that confirmation and speed up WordPress plugin installer. 

Plugin Installer Speedup is the new WordPress plugin that simplifies and fasten up WordPress plugin installer in one click. It does the following things on your website:

  • Stops loading featured plugins.
  • Make Search Plugins button visible.
  • Skip plugin install confirmation pop-up box
  • Adds admin menu link for Upload Plugin and Favorites
Start by installing ‘Plugin Installer Speedup’ plugin in WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, you will notice the change on your admin area dashboard ‘Plugins’ menu and Plugins -> Add New page. Now you can easily install any plugin in about one or two seconds.

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