Make WordPress Plugin Installer More Useful & Bring Back The Newest Plugins Tab

Newest plugins tab has been removed from new WordPress versions. WordPress 4.0+ versions has a beautiful pligin installer page but the filters are limited to featured, popular and favorites. 

But you can easily simply the new plugin installer page and make it more useful by enabling more filters like:

  1. Topics
  2. Collections
  3. Newest
  4. Popular
  5. Favorites

Cleaner Plugin Installer is an awesome WordPress plugin that automatically turns WordPress plugin installer page to simplified and more useful plugin installer.

Before Cleaner Plugin Installer

It replaces the featured tab with a bigger search box and displays additional topics tab with curated topic tag list.

You can search any plugin by its keyword, author or tag.

Start by installing and activating Cleaner Plugin Installer in your WordPress site

After Cleaner Plugin Installer

The plugin is easy to use. Simply install and activate it on your WordPress site and you are done.

There are even more advantages:

It not only provides you a cleaner, easy, more useful plugin installer but also improves the performance of plugin-install.php admin start page.

Its provides you additional curated topics with list of plugin tags (from for lots of use cases etc.

The “Screen Options” tab (on top right corner now lets you to set number of plugin cards per pageon a per user basis. Its tweaked “ZIP Uploader page” lets you upload larger files.

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