New Custom Post Type For One Liner Statements In WordPress

Looking for some easy trick to display random one-line quips on your WordPress site. WordPress plugin repository has a new plugin that can be used for one liner post styles like random quotes, jokes, etc.

Once the content is published it can be displayed via shortcode or sidebar widget. 

One Liners is the new WordPress plugin which upon activation generates a new post type for one liner statements in your WordPress site.

Start by installing ‘One Liner’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard One Liners -> Options page to configure your new post type URL slug.

For creating new one liner post visit your admin area dashboard Oneliners -> Add New page and post your short statement. All statements can be managed from Oneliners -> Oneliners (Main Page).

For displaying published one liner statements, you can either use the widget from your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets screen or use shortcode inside your pages, posts, custom post types and other shortcode supported areas.

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