New WordPress Smooth Scroll Button With Easily Customizable Positions

WP-Smooth-Scroll is the new WordPress plugin that allows users to scroll smoothly back to the top of the page. It is beautiful, simple and you can set it up in seconds. Simply install and activate WP-Smooth-Scroll and the button is ready. You can set its position to bottom-left/right or centre from Dashboard -> WP-Smooth-Scroll admin page.

  1. wp-smooth-scroll screenshot 1WP-Smooth-Scroll on Bottom-right position.
  2. wp-smooth-scroll screenshot 2WP-Smooth-Scroll on Bottom-right position after mouse hover.
  3. wp-smooth-scroll screenshot 3WP-Smooth-Scroll on Bottom-middle position with dark background of the theme.
  4. wp-smooth-scroll screenshot 4WP-Smooth-Scroll on Bottom-middle position after mouse hover with dark background of the theme.

Main features:

  • WP-Smooth-Scroll is simple to set up and use.
  • It has options to select the position of WP-Smooth-Scroll button.
  • It wont create problem in smaller screen like mobile or tablet.
  • It is smooth and dynamic.
  • WP-Smooth-Scroll has an eye catching effect with nice hover effect.

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