SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool For WordPress Post Admin Pages

WP Keyword Suggest is the new easy to use WordPress SEO keyword suggestion tool that automatically get fixed at the top right corner (right above the ‘Publish’ metabox) of Add New & Edit Post admin pages. It allows you to look up SEO keywords from autocompletes of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon & Blekko etc. You search for keyword suggestions and add the selected keywords to Post Tags and Title from the keyword suggestion widget itself.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate WP Keyword Suggest. Upon activation the plugin automatically adds a keyword suggestion widget right above the publish metabox present in Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New page.

Type a word and click ‘Suggest’ button, from the dropdown list of suggested keywords you can insert it directly in the title of your article or use it as a post tag.

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