How To Get Full Width Add New Edit Post Pages In WordPress Admin Area ?

Default WordPress Add New and edit post pages in admin area dashboard are quiet congested. A default WP Add New Post page contains a sidebar on the left and Publish, Tags & Categories meta boxes on the right hand side.  This tutorial explains how you can get full space for writing your blog posts easily.

WordPress already provides you a Toggle Full Screen Mode button. This tutorial is not for explaining the functionality of full screen button ;-) instead we are discussing how you can remove left sidebar and move right hand side meta boxes like Publish, Tags and Categories to bottom of the page for giving more space to Add New Post section, as shown in the following image:

WordPress Add New Edit Post Box

Step -1 Read this tutorial for removing Dashboard’s left sidebar and adding all admin links on the top using a new horizontal bar.

Step-2 Visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New. At the top right corner there is a Screen Options button, click it.

WordPress Add New Edit Post Box

Step-3 From the Screen Options section select 1 column layout.

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