Allow Your WordPress Blog Readers To Send Content To Their Kindle Devices And Apps

Now you can add a Send to Kindle button with in your WordPress blog posts and allow your readers to send your post content to their Kindle devices and apps so that they can read it afterwards anytime they like. This can be easily done by using brand new WordPress plugin Send to Kindle which is now available in WordPress Plugin Repository.

Send to Kindle button

Install and activate Send to Kindle the plugin then visit Dashboard -> Send to Kindle -> Look and Feel page and set where you want it to appear. You can enable it before or after your blog posts.

Other than this it the plugin allows you to customize its button’s theme, color, font, size and includes some advanced options you can set from Dashboard -> Send to Kindle -> Advanced page. Also you can use its shortcode [sendtokindle] for manually displaying Send to Kindle button inside your posts, pages, custom post types and other shortcode supported areas.


  • Readers can send posts to multiple Kindles at once.
  • Posts can be saved in the cloud and accessed anytime, everywhere.
  • Configure how the button will look and which page types it will appear on.
  • Use the shortcode [sendtokindle] to place a Send to Kindle button anywhere.

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