Automatically Reformat WordPress Content Optimized For Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & Android Viewing

iWPhone is the new WordPress plugin that enables a mobile theme and reformats your WordPress based site content for better optimized viewing on Apple’s iPhoe, iPod touch and also Android devices. The plugin automatically detects the device and shows up your content in a cool mobile theme.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate iWPhone plugin. That’s all for installation now open your website on any iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device and you should now see your site in its new optimized theme for these devices.

iWPhone Feature List:

  • It reformats content for optimized viewing on Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and also on Android phones.
  • It automatically detects  Safari browser of iPhone, iPod touch and displays only custom theme to iPhone and iPod touch visitors whereas other site visitors get your standard WordPress theme.
  • Simple iPhone/iPod-like theme with common interface elements that complements the iPhone/iPod touch’s internal applications.
  • Images larger then 300 pixels wide get automatically scaled down to fit the iPhone/iPod touch optimized width.

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