Shardul Pandey Talks To Paul Hunter, Inventor Of EZ-CHARGE

Shardul Pandey Talks To Paul Hunter, Inventor Of EZ-CHARGE

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Paul at, please tell our netizens about yourself, your story.

Paul Hunter: I am a qualified Engineer and the Inventor of a device called EZ-CHARGE. I am a British citizen born on the Isle of Wight, having worked on projects such as the Concord Aircraft, hovercrafts, helicopters and various satellite systems. I was also trained as a Classical Organist and used this skill as a professional musician. As a session musician I played with many artists, from the well-known R&B singer Percy Sledge, The Trammps, The Detroit Emeralds, eventually sharing the stage with “The Eurythmics” (Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart) on the Sweet Dreams tour. I left the UK for South Africa in 1989 and became involved in the property market in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1993 I took an idea and developed the Bugz Workshop products (these can be seen on the webpage My mission & passion is to provide sustainable employment for the impoverished poor, to give them self-respect and dignity in their communities. I received a Humanitarian Award from the US Doctors for Africa in 2007 for my effort in this respect. Whilst working with Township people around Cape Town we noticed a need for a cellphone charger. A cellphone is critical for communication in the Townships, where there are no telephone land lines and electricity is mostly nonexistent. After talking with people from these communities, it became obvious to my wife and I that this is where my efforts should be focused. There are over 6 Billion cellphones in the World and all have a common challenge….not enough battery life, hence the need for our EZ-Charge device.

Shardul Pandey: Tell me about EZ-CHARGE, it’s story.

Paul Hunter: EZ-Charge, like everything that surrounds us, was just a thought and brought into reality by believing in that thought and focusing on it. Not just with imagination but with practical creativity. My wife and I are involved with a humanitarian project which involves working with people from the Townships (squatter camps) around Cape Town, South Africa. We were inspired by the struggle of the rural poor in South Africa that have a desperate need to communicate with family members who live hundreds of miles away from home, cellphones are critical in the lives of these people. However the electrical grid doesn’t reach many of the rural areas. The Townships that surround the cities also suffer with a similar situation, so the big challenge is being able to recharge a dead or dying cellphone battery.

We needed to design a device that could provide enough electricity to recharge a cellphone without using mains electricity, solar power and mechanical methods. I started this quest about 5 years ago researching into alternative methods for generating electricity. Using my research and some out of the box creative ideas, I have designed a device that we call EZ-Charge. It consists of three electrical circuits that work in harmony, two of the circuits are completed and working, providing an output of 70volts. The third circuit which will complete the device is designed and we are wishing to raise funds to complete the project and get it into mass production. In this regard, we have recently launched a campaign on the Crowd Funding site

Shardul Pandey: How it works and how it will improve professional lives of people ?

Paul Hunter: EZ-Charge works by using the ambient energy that surrounds us, converting it into usable electricity. The device is designed to use some of the energy that it produces to power itself. There is no need for batteries, mains or solar power. You will be able to just plug it into a cellphone using a USB cable, it will provide power to recharge a cellphone 24/7 so when you are not using your cellphone, simply keep it connected to EZ-Charge and it will keep your battery topped up.

Although inspired by the challenge of the rural poor to re-charge a cellphone, EZ-Charge device is needed by EVERY cellphone user the WORLD over. The more that cellphones have developed, the more applications that they use, the more power is used to drive them. Even as better batteries and super capacitors are developed, the need for this device is not diminished.  It provides power at no cost and is mobile, it goes where you go; not being tethered to a mains wall outlet, or if the sun is shining or the wind blowing. It gives you freedom and a less stressful life.  In an emergency it is there providing power so that you can still use your cellphone.

My wife and I moved to Connecticut (USA) 2 years ago. It was October when we visited our new home, the plan being to meet with contractors for the weekend. We still had summer clothes and an overnight bag. The house was empty all but for a bed and chair. We arrived and the next day a Blizzard struck!!! It brought down trees and power lines. Leaving us without power, heating and water. The Petrol stations were mostly without power, petrol was in very short, food stores shut with frozen food spoiling in the freezers , without power it wasn’t even possible to get cash out of an ATM!! My wife and I looked at each other and said WE NEED EZ-CHARGE!!!  We  were without power for 10 (very long) days, even in a sophisticated first World Country like the USA when an emergency strikes like a blizzard, or a  Hurricane like Sandy or Katrina you need to be prepared, EZ- Charge can satisfy that need.

How many times have you personally looked at your phone to check to see how low the battery is Is there enough power to make that important or critical call That can be a thing of the past with EZ-Charge!!

Shardul Pandey: So how many people got associated for working together ?

Paul Hunter: My wife and I are the driving force behind EZ-Charge but we are very grateful for the exposure that the Indiegogo campaign has provided. We have been offered assistance by  top marketing experts, researchers  and other inventors that can see the potential of this device.  We will be adding experts to our team as we go forward, these are very exciting times for us.

Shardul Pandey: And what philosophy drives you doing this ?

Paul Hunter: Solving this challenge is an enormous reward for helping others and leaving the World a better place. The technology can be used to power other devices, ultimately bringing down the need for Electricity produced by power stations and that will help in bringing down the production of Greenhouse gases and the dangers of nuclear pollution.

Shardul Pandey: What makes EZ-CHARGE  different from all the other devices out there?

Paul Hunter: EZ-Charge utilizes natural resources and is eco- friendly, it isn’t a FREE energy device. NOTHING in this World is free.  EZ-Charge converts energy that is provided by the Universe as photons and electrons and converts it into electricity.  You have to pay for the device but the energy is provided free of charge by the Universe.

There is no other device like this, other cellphone chargers rely on mains power, batteries , solar, wind, or mechanical means.

Shardul Pandey: Can this power my laptop ?

Paul Hunter: The first generation is designed to provide a 5-volt output suitable to power a cellphone. Once this is established in the market place we will be working on a Laptop charger followed by individual generators that operate using wifi or blue tooth technology to power lighting systems suitable to light a house.

Shardul Pandey: So how other netizens can help you in this regard ?

Paul Hunter: By providing exposure for our device and the campaign we hope that people can get behind us. Following our webpage for updates ( talking to other like-minded people will create a demand for this device and pressure can be put on to retailers to place orders when we are ready to mass produce EZ-Charge. Keeping awareness of EZ-Charge is very important, we need people to talk about our project.   Netizens can become backers and be the first to get their very own EZ-Charge.  They can help make a dent in the Universe. Under Technology EZ-Charge.  We need Netizens everywhere to make a Global Impact by backing us today!

Shardul Pandey: How can you make Internet a little bit more interconnected?

Paul Hunter: We would like all of your readers to help spread the word about EZ-Charge. Social media has the power to topple governments, If we all use this medium we can collectively help change the way we all receive electricity.

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Paul Hunter: Keep an open mind & follow your instincts. Who would have thought that electricity was possible but thanks to the great inventors like Tesla and Edison we are living in a better World than they inherited. Let us all leave our children and grandchildren an inheritance worth having. Please get behind our EZ-Charge project.

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