Prevent Hot Links On Files Of Your Website From cPanel

When any webpage shows your website’s image or any other file on its web page, it is called hot linking. In this lesson we will show you how you can easily disable hot linking of your website files in order to reduce your PHP memory and resource usage.

There are many different tricks of disallowing hot links of your website files on Internet. If your are a hosting owner then you can use cPanel to disable hotlinks on all your websites in one click.

Start by logging into your account and then launch your hosting’s cPanel

Scroll down to ‘Security’ section and click ‘HotLink Protection’ icon.

Hotlinks Protection

This will direct you to a page showing you option for enabling and disabling hot links. By default it provides you a list including all domains and URLs of your websites where you can turn on hotlinking.

Hotlinks Protection 2

The list is editable, you can manually include or exclude domains and URLs to prevent hot links. It also provides you a text area to block access for selected file types and extensions like .jpg, .png etc.

The last text field allows you to redirect hotlink requests to a custom URL, may be your website’s home page or whatever you like.

If you are running your website over WordPress then you may use Hotlink Protection plugin which is a single step script designed to stop others from stealing images from your WordPress website.

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