Displaying Custom Author Profile Box After Posts In WordPress

There are many author box plugins that allows you to automatically display post author’s profile at the bottom of the content. This lesson is about Custom About Author plugin that allows you to show author profile at the end of the post and also provides you an option to display the author’s user profile or a custom profile.

Great for multi author WordPress sites where unregistered authors submits posts for publication. With this plugin you can create multiple custom profiles in order to take preference over website user profiles. 

Custom About Author

The plugin also provides you option to specify a specific profile to display for each blog post. It allows you to completely customize custom profiles, include social links to  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ and insert any HTML/text.

Start by installing ‘Custom About Author’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, navigate to your admin area dashboard Users -> Custom Authors page and click ‘Add New’.

Custom About Author 2

Create custom author and then go back to same page by clicking ‘Back to all custom authors’ link. From ‘Global Settings’ section you can choose on what type of posts you want to automatically display custom author box on.

To use custom author profile box on any post, simply open up the post for editing.

Custom About Author 3

Make sure ‘Author’ metabox is ticked on ‘Screen Options’ panel on the top right corner of post edit screen.

Custom About Author 4

You can assign custom author simply by scrolling down and selecting username on ‘Author’ metabox.

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