Popular WordPress Widgets Pack Used By 200,000+ Weblogs

WordPress Popular Widgets: Weather, Facebook, Twitter, Visitors Map, YouTube, Picasa, Games is a free WordPress plugin that provides you a collection some popular WordPress widgets used by 200000+ blogs. Simply install and activate the plugin then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and drag its widgets from to sidebar and make your blog more interactive, fun and engaging (View Screenshots).

The plugin provides you following group of widgets:

  1. Weather: Users can see weather updates for their location on your website. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/weather)
  2. Visitors Map: Real time visitors and their location widget. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/live_feed)
  3. Rising Posts: Users can see the hottest content on your website. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/rising_posts)
  4. Facebook Recommend: Visitors can recommend your blog to their friends on Facebook. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/fb_recommend)
  5. Facebook Fan Page: Enables visitors to view your fan page or like your page on Facebook within your blog. To add your facebook fanpage URL go to (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/fb_fan_page) and get your FREE Bumpin Id for WordPress.
  6. Recent Posts: Enables users to view the latest posts made on your website. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/recent_posts)
  7. Facebook Activity: Enables visitors to view any activity of their friends about your page at just the click of a button. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/fb_activity)
  8. Flickr: Users can see your Flickr photo albums on your website. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/flickr)
  9. Picasa: Allows users to view your photos on your website without going to picasa (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/picasa)
  10. Youtube: Youtube widget allows users to view videos on your website uploaded by a specific user or a specfic channel on YouTube. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/youtube)
  11. RSS Feed: The RSS feed widget enables visitors to subscribe to your RSS feeds. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/rss_feed)
  12. Groove Shark: provides free music streaming, online radio stations, and lets you connect with artists and friends. (http://www.bumpin.com/widgets/grooveShark)

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