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Pointing Out Posts That Need Improvement In WordPress

You can show tasks on specific posts and pages on your WordPress site to easily let your users know what else needs to be done to complete the post or to make it better.

Post Descriptions is the new WordPress plugin that enables you to add small descriptions to posts and pages. It lets you do things like adding small to-dos or don’t-forget tasks for your authors or simply for your own remembrance.

How To Add Small Notes On Your Posts?

To start simply install-activate the said plugin on your WordPress site. Now, post descriptions can be added either from the main edit screen of your post or directly from the quick edit option visible on each post via the Posts -> All Posts page.

Where Your Notes Get Visible

The post description written by you or any privileged user can be seen both on all posts page as well as a post-state which is the bold text next to your post or page title. The given screenshot clearly shows how the notes written on posts would be visible to you or any other user on your website.

Enabling & Disabling The Notes

Next, when you find that your post is perfect and you no longer need to show these notes, you can simply remove them and save your post.

In some cases, especially if your admin panel has become a bit cluttered and you no longer need post descriptions there. Then, you may disable it in post states using the given tick box option.

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