Pick And Use The Color You Like On Any Webpage Using Google Chrome Eye Dropper App

Eye Dropper, a Google Chrome extension allows you to pick and use any color from any website. From example, you open Google.com and you you like green shade of g but for using that particular shade anywhere you will be needing its color code.

Now here is the solution for Google Chrome users. After adding this extension in chrome it automatically adds a EyeDropper button on the top right corner and whenever while browsing sites, if you like any color all you need to do is

Click the EyeDropper button

From drop down menu click Pick Color From Web Page

Move the mouse pointer over the color you like to pick on any website. That’s all

For using the color you picked, click EyeDropper button again and from drop down menu you may copy the color code.

Following images will make it more clear:

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