Choose Any Color And Browse All Its Shades In Google Chrome

Chroma is an excellent and very easy tool that lets you choose color schemes from your Google Chrome browser. It is a color picker app that lets you pick any color, browse its custom shades and get its RGB code to use in your website etc.

Chroma 2

Generally what people do is they launch Photoshop (or any other similar app) just to pick a color and know what its RGB code is. So if you are tired of launching Photoshop just for picking a color and knowing what RGB you should be using? Or may be you know the RGB, but need the HEX? Or you know the HEX, but desperately need the RGBa? Here comes the use of Chroma.

Chroma 3

How To Use Chrome?

Simply add Chroma in your Google Chrome browser, the visit your application launcher and launch it.

Chroma 4

It opens up a page from where you can browse color shades and get their codes or input the color code and view its shades.

The Application Allows You To:

  • Select a color from the Color Wheel or write the color’s HEX or RGB.
  • Right click to copy the color’s HEX, RGB or RGBa
  • Save colors
  • Resize your browser window, so you can display our nifty Shades Palette vertically, right where you need it, next to your code editor.
  • See the color you picked the last time you used Chroma.
  • Click to copy the color’s HEX.
  • Scroll horizontally with the mouse wheel.
  • Use HEX or RGB mode. is also a good webservice for browsing color trends and palettes.

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