How To Daltonize Your Web Browsing Experience On Google Chrome?

Daltonization is a technique of showing details to color blind netizens. It allows them to see what they otherwise would have missed on Internet.

Chrome Daltonize! is a free daltonization app that works on Chromebook and Google Chrome/ Chromium browsers on other operating systems.

Its ‘Simulate’ filter shows how images appear through the eyes of color blinds. ‘Daltonize’ exposes all details inside images to color blind users. For instance, daltonization of an Ishihara test plate (a popular test of color-vision) allows a color-blind person to see numbers normally inaccessible to their perception.


Color vision deficiency: It provides enhancements for people with Protanopia (red-green), Deuteranopia (red-green), or Tritanopia (blue-yellow). The option can be selected from the select menu.

When ‘Run at page load’ option is checked, the algorithm runs on page load. Otherwise, you will be having to click its sphere icon on the top-right corner of your browser.

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