Discover New Ideas On Google Fonts & Color Schemes From Every New Google Chrome Tab

Every new tab of your Google Chrome web browser can instantly bring new ideas for you about awesome Google Fonts and Color Schemes to use in your presentation, website, document or whatever.

Palettab is a Google Chrome extension that is designed to inspire you with fresh Google fonts and new color schemes every time you open a new tab in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser.

Palettab 1

You simply start by downloading and installing the extension in your Chrome browser. Once the extension is installed, it transforms your new tab page from default to a color scheme and font generator service.

Palettab 3

Now every time you will open a new tab, it will automatically present you with a combination of Fonts pulled from Google Fonts and a color scheme having similar shades; pulled from website.

Palettab 4

To copy a color, you simply need to hover the color box and click it. Whereas for using a font type, first hover the font you like to copy, then click the eye icon to open that specific font at Google Fonts library. Using the reload icon on the top of the page you can generate more fonts manually on the same tab.

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