How To Hide Your Theme From WordPress Theme Detectors?

A WordPress theme detector detects all themes and plugins which are being used on some website. Earlier we have also discussed how you can completely hide the fact that you use WordPress on your websites. Now in this lesson you learn about a simple trick that will hide the name of your theme from such detectors. In result, WordPress detectors will not be able to detect which theme your are using on your website.

The plugin works out of box, it doesn’t renames your WordPress theme, just hides the name from all scanning services online.

Simply install and activate Hide Your Theme Name plugin on your WordPress installation and then visit the plugin options page to set a custom name to be shown for your theme instead of the original theme name. Even the source code of your websites doesn’t shows any references to the real WordPress theme working on your website.

UPDATE – The plugin is no more maintained at WordPress plugin repository, try using WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin instead.

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  1. Thanks Sangkrit for the awesome article. However the link no longer seems to be available. Probably it needs an updates.

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