How To Unlink Post Images Without Using Any Plugin In Your WordPress Site ?

Whenever you insert any image in your WordPress blog post it get automatically linked to its media file which when clicked directs your visitor to a page showing that particular image in its real size. Earlier we discussed about a plugin that allows you to remove image link from attached images inside your blog posts, pages and other content types. Now this tutorial lets you do the same thing but without using any such type of plugin.

Follow the given steps:

Step-1 While writing any blog post when you click Add Media button and Upload or Select any image you will see Advanced Settings Section on the right, scroll down to it.

Step-2 Now on Image Link option change Media File to Custom Link using dropdown select box and leave Custom Link box blank. That’s all, you image link is removed and now it will not change mouse pointer to a clickable hand when hovering over the image.

You won’t be needing to follow these steps every time you insert any image because WordPress automatically saves your settings and uses the same as default until you set something else.

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