Compel Your Government For Paying A Daily Delay Allowance Upon Every Lawful Public Grievance Until It Is Duly Resolved

A public grievance means the failing of the government in whatever has been its given task.  Therefore all of you may better compel your incompetent government for paying a daily delay allowance upon every lawful public grievance until it is duly resolved. 

Consistently demanding immediate resolution of all the public grievances on planet earth might effectively work as DDoS offensive on all the governments of all the states altogether. Everybody must blog about public grievances and every time a public grievance is generated online, it must get shared by whosoever see it. It is going to become a #PublicGrievances offensive.

RMS considered DDoS offensive as street protests on internet, saying it a mistake to call them hacking (playful cleverness) or cracking (security breaking). Thus Richard Stallman supported Anonymous attack on MasterCard protesting the embargo on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

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