Now You Can Restrict Admin Access To WordPress Theme & Plugin Files

Do you remember your old days with WordPress? How many times have you locked yourself by making wrong edits in code files?

Now by restricting admin and all other user access to code files you can make user interface easier and less confusing for your clients.

System edit restriction is a simple but very powerful WordPress plugin by Tazo Todua. The plugin locks down the editing of theme and plugin files on your admin area dashboard.

After the plugin is activated, no-one will be able modify system files i.e. WordPress theme and plugins from the dashboard.

The plugin is easy to use, start by installing and activating System edit restriction plugin in your website. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> System edit restriction page.

Now type in your IP (it is displayed there on top-right corner of the box) and the IP addresses you want to exclude from editing restriction.

Turn the radio button ON and save your changes. That’s it.

It increases the security of your website. The restriction works even for site admins which makes editing possible only via FTP or by giving special privilege to some IP addresses.

The plugin has one limitation. Although it disables the user access to plugin and theme editor page but it doesn’t hides the menu links.

Here comes the use of another plugin called WP Admin UI Customize. With this plugin you can hide Appearance -> Editor and Plugins -> Editor links from the side admin menu. It also allows you to redesign the WordPress admin interface to make it yours.

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