Uploading Big Plugin Files From WordPress Admin Area

Default WordPress plugin uploader crashes whenever you try uploading plugin zip files of size exceeding maximum PHP memory. For instance, some default PHP installations have 2MB memory and when you try uploading plugin zip bigger than 2MB, the uploader crashes showing some PHP error.

There are two ways of uploading big plugin files and the files that exceeds the maximum file upload limit of your web hosting.

First, by using new Upload Larger Plugins addon. With this new plugin, you can upload files of any size right from your WordPress admin area dashboard.

Upon activation it replaces the built-in WordPress plugin uploader with one that allows you to upload a zip file of any size.

New Extended WordPress Plugin Uploader

OR, you can upload plugin from cPanel’s file manager (or via FTP) by visiting your website’s root -> wp-content -> plugins directory.

After the plugin is uploaded, you can activate it from your dashboard Plugins -> Installed Plugins page.

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