Remove Garbage Left By Old And Inactive Plugins In WordPress Website

When you try a lot of new plugins to find what exactly you need, they create things and leave them behind even after you deactivate or uninstall them off from your WordPress installation.

There are many optimizers and bloggers use them regularly, this lesson is about a unique plugin called Plugin Garbage Collector that scans your website and founds all sorts of unnecessary stuff i.e. garbage left by old plugins. All items found are clearly indicated with the plugin they are associated with – and whether those plugins are active or have been deactivated or not there on your website.

It shows you the tables usage very clearly, so that you can understand what is useful and what is garbage. It might take a while for you to click on each checkbox, but once you do that, the plugin does the work by cleaning everything quickly and thoroughly from your website’s database.

The plugin is multisite compatible, once you make use of this plugin your website would immediately run faster, especially on your admin area dashboard.

How To Use Plugins Garbage Collector?

Start by installing and activating Plugins Garbage Collector, upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> Plugin Garbage Collector and select your option followed by clicking SCAN DATABASE button.

The scan will start showing you percentage of progress, once the process is complete you will be shown a list of dead and useless database tables which you can tick to select then drop off from your website.

Make sure what database tables you have selected to delete, operation rollback is not possible so consider to make database backup first. Make yourself very sure before clicking “Delete Tables” button.

By saying make yourself sure, we mean you should check whether those plugins are in use or have been deactivated or deleted from your website, if the plugins are inactive then click the button to remove the clatter they have left behind on your WordPress website.

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